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New Ruby Programming Features For SketchUp

The RenderPlus blog reported on some new Ruby Programming features planned for SketchUp. These included:

  1. New testing environment for developers called TestUp. This will make it easier to create test routines for testing new code and making sure that older code still works.
  2. New Developer Console to replace the Ruby Console.One new feature will be the ability to enter and test multiple lines of Ruby code at the same time.
  3. SketchUp will participate in some Open-Source, multiple developer projects. The first will be work on the STL Import / Export feature to interface to 3D printers.

The Sunburned Surveyor

AutoCAD Taking at Stab at SketchUp with 123D?

Autodesk recently release a free 3D modeling program called 123D. Here is a Desktop Engineering video showing some features of 123D.

Autodesk doesn’t usually do “free”. Is this an attempt by AutoCAD to compete with users that like SketchUp?

I’ll have to download the program and give it a try. (From the video it sounds like the program has some pretty strict hardware requirements. It may not run well on some older or wimpy computers.)

The Sunburned Surveyor