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DoubleCAD XT Pro Now Has Ruby Scripting

DoubleCAD XT Pro makes one of the best free 2D CAD software available for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The pro version of DoubleCAD now features Ruby scripting. There is a video on the Ruby scripting available in the pro version of DoubleCAD. There is a web page about the ruby scripting at the DoubleCAD web site.

The suggested price of DoubleCAD XT Pro is around $700.00. That is a little pricey. You can get an IntelliCAD program with embedded AutoLISP for about half that price. Still, with Ruby scripting, DoubleCAD XT Pro is probably still a better deal than AutoCAD LT, which doesn’t have the ability to run AutoLISP code.

If your looking for an AutoCAD alternative, I strongly recommend BricsCAD, which even runs on Linux!

The Sunburned Surveyor