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What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve chewed through a book or two in the last few weeks.

The first book, which I read cover to cover, was entitled Elements of Content Strategy. The book is published by A Book Apart. This book was the first reading I’ve done on content strategy, and was a great introduction of the topic. I need to do a book reivew for my readers. I’ve also got some notes from the book that I will share on this blog. It was this book, and another by A Book Apart, Responsive Design, that prompted my major overhaul of the Redefined Horizons web site.

I’ve also been reading the book entitled It was the best of sentences. I really enjoyed the first two (3) chapters. The third chapter has been heavy into the grammar, but I’m hanging in there because the first two chapters were so good. I’m pleased to tell you I now know what a subordinating conjunction is and how it can really mess up my writing. I know I will learn a lot more from this book. Hopefully my improved writing skills will be visible to my readers. Good writing is a critical skill for a media company. I do a lot of writing, and even a small improvement will bring a lot of benefits. I will try to post some tidbits about what I’m learning for my readers.

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