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GPS World: First Galileo Position Fix With Open Source Receiver

GPS World recently reported that researchers had obtained the first position from Galileo satellite signals using an open source GNSS receiver design. The position fix was obtained by a research team at the Statistical interference Department at the CTTC. The work done by the research team was part of the open source GNSS SDR Project.

The article also talks about the benefits of an open source GPS receiver. It says:

“With GNSS-SDR, researchers and technology enthusiasts can easily change the implementation of a certain functional block and assess the impact of that change on the whole receiver performance,” said Pau Closas, GNSS-SDR scientific advisor and Head of the Statistical Inference Department at CTTC. “This paves the way to innovative mass-market, industrial and scientific applications that could make use of Galileo signals but require non-standard features which are not present in mass-market receivers nor in costly professional equipment.”

An open source GPS receiver…That is super groovy cool!

Landon Blake


Wired Magazine: The GitHub Way

The September 2013 Issue of Wired Magazine has an article entitled “The GitHub Way”. It talks about the software-as-a-service platform GitHub, which makes it easier for people to use the version control system Git. The article points out one of the things that makes GitHub cool: pull requests. The article says: “The site’s big innovation is the pull request. It’s what you do after forking something, an electronic note saying, “Hey, I was checking out your project and I found a way to make it better. Look here and you can see what I’ve changed; press this button and the changes will become part of your project.”

The article also talks about using GitHub to store things other than program source code, like plans for 3D printers.

Landon Blake

First Open Technology Standard Released At The SurveyOS Project

I was very dissapointed to learn that LandXML had died. It seemed like one of the best vehicles for greater collaboration between software vendors on the sharing of land surveying and civil engineering data.

However, today, I’m happy to announce the first open technology standard for geospatial data released by the SurveyOS Project. Version 1 of the Simple Coordinate Geometry (COGO) Text Format has been published. The format allows for geospatial software to share measurement data commonly collected by land surveyors.

The Sunburned Surveyor

Eclipse Open Source Survey: Java Is Still Most Popular Programming Language for Open Source Projects

ADT reports that a recent Eclipse Foundation Survey shows Java is still the most popular programming language for open source projects. The survey revealed 76% of the survey respondents said Java was their choice for programming on open source projects.

You can also view the survey results directly.

The Sunburned Surveyor

Java Magazine: Java Arrives on the Raspberry Pi

Java Magazine recently published an article that describes the arrival of Java on the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is “a tiny but powerful computer priced at US $25″. According to the article, 1 million units of the Raspberry Pi have already been sold.

The company that makes the Raspberry Pi is working with Oracle to bundle Java on the tiny computing platform. This will allow students and other inventors to write programs for the Raspberry Pi that run in the popular Java programming language.

Very cool.

The Sunburned Surveyor

Open Knowledge Foundation Labs

The Open Knowledge Foundation has a labs project for open source tools related to knowledge publishing and discovery. One of their tools that looks like it might be sort of cool is Recline.js, which can be used to enable content search in Javascript.

The Sunburned Surveyor