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Update on OSGeo Journal Volume 11

My work on OSGeo Journal Volume 11 continued today. I updated the California Chapter Annual Report Item to include new member activities from chapter members. I also completed the preliminary PDF versions of the Francophone Chapter and PDX Chapter Annual Report Items. Tomorrow I will work on the last chapter report that was submitted, for the one for the Korean Chapter.

I’m only waiting on one other Annual Report Item, from the Deegree Project.

My next step is to work on HTML versions of the report items so we can get this issue of the OSGeo Journal on the web as well as in PDF. I might also find time to convert the HTML files to EPUB.

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Work on the OSGeo Journal Volume 9: 2011 Annual Report

I started work in earnest today on the OSGeo Journal Volume 11. This volume is the Annual Report for 2011. I realize I’m almost 7 months behind, but I hope to have next year’s annual report out by the end of March 2012.

Today I finished the preliminary PDF versions of the California Chapter Annual Report Item and the GRASS Software Project Annual Report Item. I’ll be working on the Korean Chapter, Francophone Chapter, and PDX Chapter annual report items next.

It sounds like we may get a topical article contributed this year. The article will be related to the Geopython Projects.

I’ll also be contributing three or four topical articles to this volume. The first will be an article on sharing GIS data models. It will discuss some of the work I’ve been doing to create a standard GIS model for Sanitary Sewer Networks as part of the CCVGPG Utility Working Group.

I’ll post more about this article and the other topical articles I’m contributing to Volume 11 later.

The Sunburned Surveyor

OSGeo Volume 9 Almost Here

I’ve haven’t had much time to blog the last two or three weeks. All my free time has been sunk into getting Volume 9 of the OSGeo Journal published. I hope to finally achieve that goal tomorrow. I’ve got one straggler report item to include, some page numbers to tweak, and then I’ll have the master PDF assembled.

I’ve learned quite a bit about Scribus during the process of preparing Volume 9. I wish some things were easier to do in Scribus, like page numbers and hyperlinks, but overall, I’m pleased with the final PDF I’ve produced using the program. I hope the readers are also pleased.

I’m already working to gather the material for Volume 11, the OSGeo Annual Report for 2011. My goal is to have that out by the end of March. That means I need to start work on a topical article for the volume. Volume 9 has two (2) topical articles I’ve written. One is on recent changes to the US patent system, and the other is an introduction to my JTS Warped software library.

I wanted to publish HTML and EPUB versions of Volume 9, but I’m not sure if I will have time. I need to try to integrate this into my workflow for Volume 11, so I can do the work as the PDF version is created. We will have to see how this goes. There is never enough time for everything I want to do.

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OSGeo Without Executive Director

Tyler Mitchell announced last week that the OSGeo Board had terminated his position as executive director of OSGeo. We didn’t get a lot of details, but it sounds like the individual board members will try to take over his duties. I’ll miss Tyler, who played a critical role in getting the OSGeo Journal published. (I volunteer as part of the OSGeo Journal team.)

As far as I know, this was the only paid position at OSGeo, and I worry that less will be accomplished without it. I wish the OSGeo board had discussed this decision more with OSGeo members. They may have had good reasons for the decision, but it seems that regular members of the organization were kept in the dark.

We are currently talking at the OSGeo Journal Mailing List about how we move forward after this news.

The Sunburned Surveyor