What I’ve Been Working On

Lathrop High School ACE Team

Last Wednesday evening I gave  group of high school students a crash course in 3D modeling using SketchUp. It was an interesting demo, as I hadn’t used SketchUp for a long time. The students are required to use SketchUp to prepare a 3D model and rendering of the monument they are designing. The students are designing the monument to represent the City of Sacramento as part of the Sacramento ACE design competition.

The American Surveyor – Footsteps Column

I wrapped up the article graphics for two (2) of my latest articles on boundary surveying that will be published in the Footsteps column of  The American  Surveyor Magazine. The graphics for my article on Best Practices for Very Large Boundary Surveys were completed on Friday. Today I completed the graphics for an article discussing the court case Fripps versus Walters. I’ll start working on the graphics for my article Determining Property Corner History tomorrow. The first of these 3 articles, Best Practices for Very Large Boundary Surveys, should be published in the February issue of the American Surveyor.

CCVGPG Working Groups

I started work today on the web pages for the working groups of the California Central Valley Geospatial Professionals Group. I hope to have the the web pages up this week.

The Sunburned Surveyor

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